Who We Are


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TELECON ENGINEERING LLC, is an integration and construction company operating in Uzbekistan telecommunications industry.

Every day we are making difference by impacting development and maintenance of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) in Uzbekistan bringing people, companies and communities together towards innovative solutions of communication and powerful network technologies. 


Our company works according to the international standards, and has certificates of the international organization for standardization (ISO) that is a quality assurance of the executed work and observance of the international standards.


Our Values



    We Focus on the customer by making it easy for them to do business with us, by listening, anticipating and responding to their needs. We focus on fundamental execution. We are accountable and we follow through with a sense of urgency.




   We value Teamwork as it enables us to serve our customers better and faster. We embrace diversity and personal development because it’s smart business. We are driven by accomplishments and reward performance. We respect and trust one another, communicating openly, candidly and directly since any other way is unfair and a waste of time. We voice our opinion and exercise constructive dissent, and then rally around the agreed-upon action with our full support. Any one of us can deliver a view or idea to anyone else, and listen to and value another’s view regardless of title or level. 



     We follow “Do It Better” approach and are in continuous seek for improvement. Since our customers depend on us 24/7, we have to work 24/7. We know our best was good for today. Tomorrow we have to do better.




We think Transparency and Accountability in all we do is essential for our business. We are committed to the hughest standards of ethics and integrity. We are responsible for and are accountable to our customers, to our employees, to the environments we inhabit, and to the society we serve. 




How we govern ourselves as a company is as important as anything else we do.

Good corporate governance benefits both our customers and our shareholders, and is essential to our long-term business success.

For this reason, we devote considerable time and resources to making sure that:

  • our policies reflect our values and business goals;
  • we have an effective corporate governance structure;
  • we are operating in a way that is open, honest and transparent.

We have different level of communication and reporting so that it is both effective and efficient. 

Our company is structured in the following way:

Company Structure

At the same time we differentiate our business functions into those critical for production and value cretion and those that are not, and name them as central and support offices. Thus, this differentiation makes us better understand what kind of measures and priorities we have to take while planning and managing our resources. The following is the representation of the abovementioned:

Communication Chart_Strusture

Lastly, we would also like to point out our communcation scheme. 


One of the communication logics is between administrative central office and regional office. The prior is about formulating strategic course, provision and control, and the latter is about realisation. 



 Our People


We employ a diverse workforce of around 250 dedicated full time employees throughout the country. We welcome people from all walks of life and all kinds of backgrounds coming together to improve the human condition, make a difference and impact the world.

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It is our diversity, coupled with an inclusive culture that welcomes all points of view and makes us who we are: a great place to work and a desired business partner.


  • Our Vision is to impact development and maintenance of GSM in Uzbekistan
  • Our Mission is to bring people, companies and communities together towards innovative solutions of communication
  • We welcome people coming together to improve the human condition, make a difference and impact the world.
  • We run 24/7 Network Management Service despite any conditions
  • We work in line with high and demanding international business standards