We are committed to improving the communities in which we live and work and this commitment is evident across all aspects of our business. First, it is about creating opportunities for safe, comfortable and education-based working environment for our employees. Second, it is about improving lives of people by developing impact of innovation technologies and its integration. Other than that we cultive the principles of free market and the rule of law in cooperating with all our counterparts and partners, and make difference by bringing the world's best practices of business operations into the local business acumen. Lastly, we are one of the major conributers to the social welfare. For instance, in 2013 our company contributed more than one million US Dollars into the state budget, and part of it was about impacting Infrastructure Development and Reconstruction of Education Institutions.

  • Our Vision is to impact development and maintenance of GSM in Uzbekistan
  • Our Mission is to bring people, companies and communities together towards innovative solutions of communication
  • We welcome people coming together to improve the human condition, make a difference and impact the world.
  • We run 24/7 Network Management Service despite any conditions
  • We work in line with high and demanding international business standards